Turn your customers into fans.

We provide secure, convenient customer engagement solutions to uncover new signals and increase your sales. Our platform streamlines outreach, engagement, and automation into one simple solution. Transform digital onboarding and significantly improve customer satisfaction—no coding required. All data is securely hosted in Germany.

Use Cases

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Maximize completions of your onboarding process by accurately targeting your customers with the right products at the correct timing and razor sharp messaging.  

Customers are generally much less distracted by the messages that are right out relevant to their current life situation.

Step into the real time and highly accurate product design era. Get invaluable insights, ideas and signals for actually seeing and anticipating the products of tomorrow.

Integrate morphiq's insights into existing processes, to give them the quantum leap in terms of efficiency (e.g. credit scorecards, fraud detection, customer success etc.).

Why morphiq

The Perfect Tool for Banks

Secure, sophisticated cloud-based API system

Enhance your business operations with our secure and advanced cloud-based API system. Our robust security measures ensure your data remains protected, providing peace of mind while you focus on growth and innovation.

Prevent customer churn and enhance retention

Uplift customer retention by maintaining active and loyal customers massively improving the customer lifetime value in the process. Lost customer is not only lost investment of the past, but the lost opportunity and reputation of
the future.

Increase your share of wallet

Increase the value of your customer base by engaging with them effectively and cross-selling hyper-personalized offers. The optimal configuration of products for most clients results genuine win-win situation with happy customers and prosperous enterprises.

Reduce emissions and improve ESG score

Instantly measure your CO2 reduction compared to your pre-morphiq.ai customer communication approach before. Give our company an esg score boost today!

The Security

Security without compromise

We know banking is built on trust and keeping client data private it’s a business imperative.​ By virtue of our partnership with leading cloud companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure, we provide a secure and compliant infrastructure for processing your data, employing industry-standard security and privacy best practices, with top-tier cloud security governance.

Full Data Control

We employ a shared responsibility model as you have full control of your data that you can safely deploy or remove anytime,  according to your needs.

Advanced Data Encryption

Any data processed by morphiq is encrypted in transit and at rest, applying strong cryptographic measures.

EU Data Compliance

All our servers and data are securely stored in the European Union, fully compliant with GDPR. We are also working towards ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, and PCI-DSS compliance.

The Experience

Stay relevant to your customers without compromising security

Secure Data Refinement

We start with basic anonymized transactional data. This data undergoes a cleaning and preprocessing algorithm, followed by enrichment through our data engine.

Proprietary Customer AI

Our core engine analyzes over 240 signals to generate actionable insights, which serve as the foundation for creating customized messages.